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Top 7 Programs in Chemistry in 2020

Chemistry is one of the major science disciplines with high market demand and vast job opportunities. Below are the top 7 programs in Chemistry around the world.

1. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

It is no surprise that MIT comes first on the list of top 7 universities for chemistry programs, simply because the institution is known for innovation and inventions. Their students have validated this claim. The students in this institution have constant collaboration with other schools in the Boston area where MIT is located.

2. Chemistry Program at the Harvard University

To begin with, Harvard University has a name for itself and particularly in Chemistry. Its Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology has three areas of specialization in the undergraduate program, and these are Chemistry, Chemistry and Physics, and Chemical and Physical Biology. Harvard University provides an experience that enables students to thrive in research.
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3. Chemistry Program at Stanford University

Stanford University is among the top ranking for a Chemistry degree. The department is regarded as a School of Humanities and Sciences, ensuring interaction with other science departments, which leads to collaborative projects across many disciplines. Stanford University has a lot to offer its students and has a focus on building strong relationships between students and its award-winning faculty.

4. Chemistry Program at the University of California

The University of California should be considered as the best for any student who wishes to pursue a degree in Chemistry, and this is because the institution ensures its students have extensive knowledge in all fields of Chemistry with the provision of laboratory experience and encourages independent research work. Also, there are opportunities to join research groups during undergraduate studies.

5. Chemistry Program at the Northwestern University

At the undergraduate level, Northwestern University ensures that the courses available for the chemistry program are designed to meet the needs of the students, even if they have diverse career objectives. The associated laboratory and research experience ensure that the students are well-grounded in science research.

6. California Institute of Technology

The department that coordinates the Chemistry program in this school is the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and it helps students understand Chemistry in all its applications to life and work. However, admission is very competitive because of the small number of admitted students each year.
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7. The University of Illinois Chemistry Program

This University is a great choice when it comes to a degree in Chemistry. The department can boast of many Nobel Prize Winners, which is a feat that reflects positively on their teaching methods. The school has extensive service facilities for research in Chemistry and one of the oldest research libraries in the world.
Therefore, make your choice today for the best Chemistry program you desire.

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