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Christensen O'Connor Johnson Kindness PLLC is a law firm emphasizing intellectual property law. Our practice encompasses all legal services related to patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, unfair competition, and litigation. From our Pacific Northwest headquarters in Seattle, we provide legal expertise to domestic and foreign clients in all major areas of technology and business.

Our clients include leading businesses in the fields of aerospace, medical equipment, electronics, chemistry and biotechnology, optics, computer software and hardware, telecommunications, food manufacturing and distribution, agriculture, sporting goods and recreation, clothing manufacturing and distribution, restaurant and hotel services, marine industries, finance and transportation. We also serve a broad range of technologies generated by universities and nonprofit research organizations, as well as individual inventors, musicians, artists and authors.

We recognize that effective legal protection for intellectual property rests on detailed knowledge and understanding of the essence of scientific or artistic innovation. To ensure this comprehension, our attorneys have graduate or undergraduate training in engineering or the sciences, with aerospace engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, computer science, biology, physics, mechanical and electrical engineering among the fields represented.

We have been the leading intellectual property law firm in the Pacific Northwest for over 70 years. As such, the size of our professional staff and the areas of technology we represent have grown and changed to meet the needs of our clients. We also have developed substantial business and litigation experience in the nontechnical areas of intellectual property law, such as trademark law.

In addition to our strong technical and legal foundation, Christensen O'Connor Johnson Kindness PLLC has extensive in-house computer resources that allow us to conduct preliminary patent and trademark searches quickly and cost effectively. Our computer resources permit us to accurately track and maintain our clients' intellectual property portfolios. We have years of experience in working with other leading intellectual property law firms in the United States and in all industrialized foreign countries. This worldwide network assures our clients the best protection of their intellectual property around the world. Our attorneys and staff are in daily contact with the Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C., and with people who specialize in intellectual property matters in North and South America, Europe, Australia, the Far East, and the Russian Republics.

Visit the Christensen O'Connor Johnson Kindness PLLC website at: http://www.cojk.com/

posted: 2/28/03

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