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Women Engineers Needed for Girl Scouts' Workshop

From:         Meaghan Sullivan, Camp-In Coordinator, Pacific Science Center
Subject:      Volunteers for Engineering Event

We are looking for women in the engineering field who would be willing to volunteer to teach a workshop for our Women in Science Camp-In for middle and high school Girl Scouts  (we expect 400 girls from WA, OR & BC).  Each year we choose a scientific field underrepresented by women as our theme for the event.  The theme this year is "Experience Engineering," and the event is scheduled for March 13th-14th, 2004 .  We need volunteers who can teach 45 minute engineering workshops the evening of the 13th.  Some of the general topics for the workshops we currently have scheduled include mechanical and construction engineering.  We would love to have a wide variety of workshops to offer to our campers.

We are having a hard time finding women engineers (or engineering
students) who are able to volunteer for our event.  If you have any
contacts in the engineering field, or any friends who are women engineers  I would love the opportunity to speak with them about this event.  Please send me their contact information, or my information to them.  Also, please forward this email to anyone who you think may be able to help us out.

Thank You for your help!

Meaghan Sullivan
Camp-In Coordinator
Pacific Science Center
[email protected]

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